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Convergence is about the ability for end users to experience their digital content and services any time, any place and any how. This experience should remove limitations on the consumption of end users’ communications, information and entertainment needs.

Catch-up TV, Web enabled TV sets, and Mobile television are contemporary examples of converged services. However they are only the first step in the convergence journey. The next generation of services scenarios could look like this: the train on your way home from work, you watch the live MTV awards on your television enabled mobile phone. You like the nominated songs, and so you order four MP4 music clips from your mobile, asking for them to be delivered both to your mobile and to your media centre at home. When you arrive at the railway station, you have to stop watching, even though they are about to announce the winner. But when you get home, you switch on your IPTV telly, and you continue to watch the MTV awards from the point where you stopped watching it in the train...

Companies wishing to become a high performance business in the converging markets should focus on:
Access to content and building up close customer relationships that have the highest potential value. As convergence leads to increased competition levels and lower entry barriers, customer centricity is the only long-lasting strategy. Cost leadership is only for the happy few.
Innovation at all levels of the company (i.e. technology, market, process and partnership innovation) as product life cycles become radically reduced. Key to this is the need to launch new products and service concepts rapidly.
Flexible and creative partnerships for achieving convergence growth strategies. Internal growth is no longer an option. Flexible partnerships are a necessary part of a converging market as they bring together a full set of integrated capabilities and new creative insight making it possible to launch products at a lower risk.
Agile cost structure. In the high-paced converging market, first-mover or exclusive content premiums only last a few months. An agile cost structure for each value adding step in the value chain will be essential.
CoCoCo can help companies and Regulators becoming top performers in the converging markets by bringing together the required know-how and experience for any convergence project.

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